Year In Review

It's been another amazing year of collaborating with multiple teams, and organizations to build business solutions. Let's take a look at some of our highlights from this year!

Michael Hepples

Bloom Software President

Another year in the books, and 2022 was a year for massive change for our team. Not only did we evolve and adjust into new ways of working together as we transitioned to a fully flexible company, but we added new members to the team with bright, fresh new ideas that we’ve been able to incorporate into our client work.

We’ve added 4 new team members, 2 new service offerings, and even went through a total rebrand together, squeezing a massive amount of collaborative work into a very short time frame.

I am incredibly proud of how this team performs, and how we have continued to grow, evolve, and strive to do better at what we do every single day. I am excited to see how we will continue to do so as we work with new clients, take on new challenges, and stay at the forefront of Microsoft 365 technologies into 2023 and beyond.

Thank you to all of our clients, partners, and anyone else that has engaged with our team over the last year, each and every one of you has made our day a little bit better, and a little bit brighter, by giving us a chance to shine.

Happy Holidays from the Bloom Software Team.

We Rebranded

See whats new!

We've Blossomed into Bloom Software

In case you missed it, one of our biggest highlights this year is that we rebranded from Blueshift Software Innovations to Bloom Software. Our new logo keeps the shape of our previous one, while showing that we've blossomed into Bloom Software!

Click our logo to the right to watch our rebranding video!

Our YouTube Channel

Check out our top three most popular YouTube videos!

Exporting, Importing, and Managing your OneNote Notebooks

In this tutorial, Andrew Graham, Bloom Software Evangelist, provides a quick OneNote overview, things to consider when before moving (exporting) notebooks, and how to export and import OneNote notebooks.

Manitoba Live Election Results: MBVOTES.CA

Election information includes candidates, their running positions, and the number of votes. You can also view the interactive election results dashboard for the finer details by using the municipality and position filtering option.

Book it, with me. Microsoft Bookings has a new feature: Bookings with Me in Outlook

Bookings with Me in Outlook is a web-based personal scheduling page that integrates with your Outlook calendar. It lets people schedule a meeting or appointment with you based on the custom meeting categories you create to share on your bookings page.

Check out more of our YouTube content @bloomsoftware

We've added

New Services

Microsoft 365 Training

Your organization has the tools, now it's time to learn how to use them to their full potential. Our bespoke training offering allows you to tailor the training needed for your team, right down to class size and topics.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern for businesses, and proper planning and preparedness goes a long way towards keeping your business safe. Bloom’s standard security assessment includes a review of four key pillars to a strong security posture.

Our Team is Growing

In case you missed it, we wanted to introduce you to our team members of 2022!

Yesica Veloza

Yesica is our Project Manager, she handles our projects and manages planning, procurement, execution and completion of a project.

Ashley Rebillard

Ashley is our UX Designer, she reviews our solutions, ensures quality assurance and alignment with our clients' requirements, and incorporates the latest design principles.

Andrew Graham

Andrew is our Evangelist, he steers our business-development efforts and is our ready – and expert – ear when you need our services.

Paula Polonio

Paula is our Culture Specialist, She is the newest member of the team and helps us maintain and enhance our great culture and create an environment of growth and development.

Happy Holidays and Wishing You All the Best in 2023!

from the Bloom Software Team