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Strengthen your Microsoft 365 cybersecurity network with Bloom Software

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Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern for businesses, and proper planning and preparedness goes a long way towards keeping your business safe. Bloom’s standard security assessment includes a review of four key pillars to a strong security posture.

Review User Accounts
Content Storage and Protection
Overall Awareness of Cybersecurity
Assessment of Training Plans
Review of Cybersecurity Policies

Four Key Pillars to a Strong Security Posture

Identity - We review how user accounts are created, secured, and kept secure

Data - An in-depth review of where and how content is stored, identified, and protected

Training/Awareness - Assessment of the training plans and overall awareness of cybersecurity best practices for-end users

Policy - A review of the cybersecurity policies that every business should have in place, and why they are important

Completion of Security Assessment

On completion of the assessment, clients will be provided with a documented set of observations and recommendations with a clear remediation path to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, with a full walkthrough explanation of each recommendation.

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