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Take Your Teams Everywhere

Josh Logozar
Josh Logozar
September 4, 2020

Quick and easy ways to use the Microsoft Teams mobile application. Here you can learn ways to communicate with your team while on the run, and how to manage your work/life balance.

Take Your Teams Everywhere

Quick and easy ways to use the Microsoft Teams mobile application. Here you can learn ways to communicate with your team while on the run, and how to manage your work/life balance.

Josh Logozar
Josh Logozar
September 4, 2020
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Have you ever realized you forgot to send that last message, or that you had that last meeting of your day before you run out to enjoy a walk or a golf course? You can use Teams everywhere with the mobile app (which can be quickly and easily downloaded from the Google Play store, or Apple App Store). While having access to your work all the time can be negative, being able to track and discuss issues with people while you are on the road, not at your computer, or anywhere in between can be valuable. Let's look at a few of the features I found the most useful.

Audio Messages

Audio messaging makes messaging easier on the go, and means you never have to touch your keyboard. All it takes is pressing on the microphone on the bottom right corner. It allows you to portray a tone to your message, that may be missed if it was only written over text.

Image of the audio message button on Microsoft Teams.

Quiet Hours and Days

While being attached to your work at all times can lead to some amazing productivity, you must step away as well. Go to your Settings > Notifications > Quiet Hours.

From here, you can turn your daily quiet hours on. Set them to whenever you feel like you should disconnect from your work life. A frequent practice is to set it to at least while you are asleep so that you are not interrupted by the ones burning the midnight oil, or the early risers. Still too much noise in your teams? See our tips on how to manage the noise in Microsoft Teams. Another quick tip that can be accessed on this menu, is the choice to turn off notifications to your phone while you are active on your computer, which saves having duplicate messages on your phone and your computer.

Image of notification settings on Microsoft Teams.

Share Location

When you are on the go, it can be difficult to describe where you currently are through text. Quickly send your location to any Teams contact by tapping location, which will share your current location with them.

Image of the share location feature on Microsoft Teams.

Access to Files at Your Fingertips?

When files are shared in Teams, either through Chat or a Teams conversation, they are stored in either SharePoint or OneDrive, meaning that they are always at your fingertips within Teams. Simply find where the file was located, by going into Files, or by doing a file search.  It also allows you to access your OneDrive directly, meaning that you have access to anything you have saved to your cloud. You can then just click on the 3 dots in the top right, and either download or share using your preferred method.

Screenshot of Files in Microsoft Teams.

The Ability to Change Your Status at Any Time

Your status is a very easy way to let your team know your availability at a glance. Just press your profile, then press your status, and change it to whatever you may choose to allow your teams to know your availability and help them understand why you may not answer immediately.

Image of the status settings on Microsoft Teams.

Last but not Least, Dark Theme

Dark Theme is a little bit more of a visually appealing look, and it also helps with eye strain when you are in low light situations. This helps with poorly lit offices, or if you tend to check your notifications at night. Just go into your settings, and then enable dark mode, and voila! You’ll get the nice dark visual, which can be little easier on the eyes.

Image comparison of light and dark themes in Microsoft Teams.

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